I’ve been the guest of friends in Playa del Rey for the past couple nights. I am extremely honored to have been a guest in their homes, at their tables, and in their lives. I was delighted too to be around a beautiful baby boy.

Walker and I took to each other pretty quick, and it wasn’t long till he brought me a Dr. Seuss book to read as he plopped down in my lap. We made it all the way to page 29 till he was done with that one.

Then I introduced him to “Tarzan Lord of The Apes” cartoon on YouTube. That was my favorite cartoon as a kid. I think he liked it about as much as he liked teething on my iphone…which is a lot. 🙂

Walker is the son of Kevin and Gina, kind people that opened up their home and their hearts to my pilgrimage. Knowing I was a vegetarian, they went out of their way to create an amazing dinner of baked zucchini, and amazing salad with kale, fresh bread, and wine. The privileged me by allowing me to contribute some fried green tomatoes to the mix as well. Although they didn’t turn out well, I would’ve never known it because of their compliments paid.

Kevin is a photographer who got his main inspiration from Ansel Adams, and like his hero loves to photograph the wilderness, most especially the the Big Sur Coast. He loves to photograph people working and in the process of creating. Gina is a former model. That occupation took her to even live in Japan. She is now an actress and a great mom. Keven showed me great favor by documenting my process as I worked on an illustration for a arts magazine in Texas, The Bohemia Journal.


I next stayed with my friend Watt. I met Watt in San Francisco a year ago and posted about his exploits back then. When we met, he and I happened to be running the same direction barefoot, and I asked him if he wanted to run together. A comedian by trade, Watt is one of the most generous and down to earth friends I’ve made. He works in his spare time for a shoe company that gives away a pair of shoes for every pair they sell!

Watt took me to a “White Elephant” party at Ashley and Eddies house where we played guitars, sang, and had a great time. They being vegans, put out a spread of fruit, vegan cookies, and they even made a delicious vegan soup for all the attendees. Very generous and fun people.

This morning once again Watt and I had the pleasure to run together. He loaded me up with seeds and nuts for the road, and as we parted, he just shook his head and said, “I can’t believe you run 25 miles a day.” My reply, “By the grace of friends like you, Ashley, Eddie, Kevin, Gina, and Walker I can and do.”

Love, Art, & Peace to all.