What does an artist look like? What does art look like? What is the creative process and would we recognize it if we saw it? How does one transmit what is in your head and heart and that which is before your eye? How do make that which “was not” to your hands and voice? How do you make magic manifest?

My friend Kevin keeps a blog as well. It is called Photo Circus. On it, he posts the latest images by Kevin Sharp of kSharp Photography. A selection of photos inspired by the people, places and things he encounters on a daily basis, often humorous, sometimes thought provoking.

When I stayed with them in Playa Del Rey, Kevin shared with me that his favorite thing to document is the process of manufacture. The creation, production, and assembling of all that inhabits our daily lives. I liken his passion to a beautiful and soulful look into how the creative act leaves our hands, lips, and minds and becomes that which we love. In his flat, there was an extremely engaging picture of a cellist strumming the strings and generating music.

Kevin said that most of all he loves to depict artist’s hands. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind if he took some pictures of my process. I was delighted with the thought, but I wasn’t prepared for the awe-inspiring results. I am honored and humbled by his attention to detail, his artistic eye, and the generosity of his spirit he aimed at me. Humbly I submit, I think this is what art looks like. Illusionists pull rabbits out of hats, artists create beauty out of thin air. I leave it to you to decide where the real magic resides.