As an artist, I’ve come to realize that I don’t really paint things, but I paint light. Among many painters there is a strong beliefs that all work should be done directly from Nature, and that the subject of all paintings, no matter the objects filling the canvas, should always be Light.

My mom wrote me something very endearing the other day. So simple were her words, but they pierced me deeply, and the depth of their penetration has not left me. She wrote, “You have always loved the sunset since you were a little boy. I can almost hear the waves crashing on the shore in your pictures. I want you to know that I love you, and it is not hard to support what you are doing. You are the best son a Mom could ask for.”

It seems that their is a golden hour in each of our lives when we realize the beauty of each person in our lives. There is a sunset everyday, each one different, each one beautiful. People are like that too. Each one different, each one beautiful. It seems that to get to that point we must become grateful for all of mankind, and each person in particular…and then we must forgive. Forgive them and ourselves. Forgiveness for all for forgetting—forgetting that each person is so valuable, beautiful, and the incarnation of God if you will.

My mom is the kind of person who has empathy for everyone. She is the kind of person that exclaims as an ambulance passes, “Geez, I hope someone is alright.” She is the kind of person who gives my favorite cookie recipe to another mother, because she knows that at least that mom can love on me while she is too far away. My mom is the kind of person who went without while I was growing up so I could have. Although she and my dad split, she never once said a bad word about him, but rather encouraged me to see him for the beautiful person that he is.

My mom isn’t perfect…who is. But, in learning gratitude, learning compassion, and learning love I’ve been able to appreciate my mother for the wonderful person that she is. Better yet, it is reciprocal. She knows the worst things about me, and she loves me anyway. My only regret is that my Golden Hour took so long to come. It seems that in painting and in relationships, the part worth noticing is the light.

Peace, Art & Love to all.