I had the opportunity to investigate Balboa Park here in San Diego yesterday. It boasts gardens, recreation, performing arts, other attractions, and over 17 museums. It truly is one of the most amazing and beautiful parks I’ve ever been in.

The Timkin Museum has been free for everyone for over 47 years, and it rated as one of the best 10 “small” museums in the world. The one Rembrandt was on loan, however the rest of the collection was quite nice. The rooms were broken up by country of origin, and the Flemish and Italian rooms were the most impressive. This little guy was hiding in a painting.

One of the guards was watching me draw it and was very kind, and so I gave the piece to him.

The main museum was good, and they had a Bouguereau.

I was able to do some studies of the painting, and I made friends with some of the guards in this museum as well. It was great to give them some drawings.

One of the guards was a very friendly guy named Schorsch, it was an honor to give him this study