You wouldn’t think that one of California’s premier apple growing regions is 100 miles from Mexico and 50 miles from the desert…but it is. Santa Ysabel lays at the foot of the Julian valley. Julian pies are a bit of who’s who in the pie company hierarchy. So it was no surprise to find that I could smell the baking pies a quarter mile off. Delicious is a word I don’t utter offen…but these pies are just that. Fresh and still warm from the oven smothered with vanilla ice cream, yeah this is way better than a powerbar!

Trotting out from behind the scenes were two little girls Courtney and Raven. Raven is the heir to this pie dynasty, and they asked me if I would paint them a picture—perhaps something to do with Julian Pies. Absolutely. Unfortunately, they had to leave before I was finished, but I was able to give it to two very sweet ladies working in the shop.

Live life like you are always on vacation, this present moment, this moment right now, this is heaven, be open to it.