I’ve seen a lot of different animals along this journey, but I didn’t expect to see camels. Cactus are becoming more plentiful. Soon the trees will give way to Saguaro cactus. Both Jesus and Moses spent their 40 days in the desert in order to face temptation. Mine have already begun.

“You will cross Sinai with these children?”

“Moses did.”

“But Moses was a Prophet and beloved of God!”

I like how in this picture the lights all are little colored arcs. I took other pictures that were more correct, but this one is just so beautiful.

Last night when all the other restaurants had closed in town, and the night was getting cold. (20 degrees overnight) I wandered into a pizza shop where Teresa the owner wouldn’t let me pay, but asked that I would paint something on her wall. Blown away by her generosity, I was happy to comply with her request. In turn she made me a veggie pizza like no other, with strawberries in the sauce!!! Wow…wow…wow.

I’m afraid that my painting of the plate of food wasn’t up to par, but she assured me, “Eh, if we don’t like it, we’ll just paint over it.” Love it!

If you have the chance to Visit Julian, make sure to drop by the Smokehouse. Much love.