Being present, in this moment, allows you to experience life as it unfolds rather than placing deadlines, schedules, and “shoulds” in your way. It was bitterly cold yesterday as I camped behind an electrical transformer box in Julian. I thought that between the transformers heat, and the retaining wall behind it, I would be out of view and out of the wind. But the 20 degree night and the 13 degree with windchill made it hard to get out of my warm sleeping bag. I’m soooooo glad that I got the 0 degree bag for this trip!!!

After warming up with a cup of joe at the local coffee shop, I met Linda and Doug. They were very kind people and a pleasure to talk to. They had driven down from the Ventura area to take in the pies in Julian as well. I was up to my elbows in paintings and drawings, and they were kind enough to compliment my work and offer me some breakfast. Very sweet. It was an honor to give them this peace.

Doug and Linda had gone to run some errands while I finished up their peace. It had taken them longer than they had expected, and Linda was apologetic, feeling that they had held me up. Nothing doing! As I sauntered out of Julian, I stopped at the post office, and I stopped to change my socks (thanks Tom).  I passed by a woman walking the same direction as I. About a block later, I saw a pear tree with pears littering the ground below, and it wasn’t on anyones property, but just in a ditch. I thought they’d all be rotten by now, I mean it was the day after the solstice, but to my surprise they were all perfect and ready for me…hundreds of them.

As the woman caught up to me, I felt urged to say, “It’s amazing how God takes care of us.” (I don’t normally use the “G” word, I don’t like it as it means to many things I may not agree with, but it felt right in this moment) She replied, “Yes…he does.”

After I had collected my booty, I ran and had almost caught up to her when I saw her yelling at the sky. I offered her some of my treasure, and noticed that their were streams of tears running down her cheeks. It seems that Michelle was taken by my words, and the message that we are being cared for struck a nerve within her. I asked her what I could do for her, and she asked me to pray for her. I don’t pray normally, but meditate in receptive silence most of the time as I run. But, this was her request and who was I not to honor her? I gave her quite a few long hugs, and reminded her of her beauty and worth. I reminded her that love is real, and it is all around us. We spoke for some time and then she said that she needed to just be alone for awhile.

As I trod on, I thought how lucky am I to be in the path. How lucky am I to be used. How lucky am I to be trusted with this woman’s heart. I felt more in the path than ever. Happy to be in, and of service. It strikes me as an important lesson, had I been about rushing a thing, had I been in a hurry, or trying to keep a schedule, I would have missed this opportunity to be used and to love.