The beginning of the end?

You don’t have to believe in the Mayan calendar to believe that the world is in a deep state of WTF. Just try this fact on for size: In 1960 the year that Kennedy was elected, there were 3 Billion people on the planet. It took 150,000 years for the species of Homo Sapiens to get 1 Billion. It took one hundred years to get to 2 billion, 60 years to 3 billion, and 50 years to 7 billion. And yet, the carrying capacity of our planet is only about 1.5 billion without the use of fossil fuels.

We have become a parasite upon our host. Like a virus that spreads consuming all available resources, we have begun to doom our planet. The dinosaurs experienced a mass-extinction event at the whim of a rock. We, if we do not change course, will experience it at our own hands.

The problem is that we are trying to save a way of life, and not fighting to save all life. We have piggy-backed our “Economy” on nature, demanding as a business model sustained if not exponential growth. There is no more ocean to exploit, the fish are gone, the water is foul, 95% of all old growth timber has been cut, the land and sky weep with chemicals, and desertification and global climate change are progress exponentially. Thirty years ago asthma happened to only a few, now 1 in 5 children in America suffer from it. Fifty years ago the bomb threatened to bring the world to an end, now it is our complacency. It is our personal and societal selfishness.

Do we give a shit? Father time is so over us.

What then is the solution? LOVE

Like the Dalai Lama suggests, our path must begin with meditation on compassion. Compassion for our earth, our seas, our air, and our fellow man. As long as we live with the mindset that there is a duality, that I am somehow separate from you and from the environment, we are doomed. Sacrifices must be made. We cannot continue on our current trajectory. Who then will be first to make the sacrifices?

I am. I will. I do. I have.

We are a living system. A symbiotic network for our mutual survival or our imminent demise. This is it, this is your life. Are you who you want to be? Are you the answer to the worlds problems? Yes you are.