My buddy Dave is a poet. Below is one of his finest poems in my humble opinion. I am honored to include it here for your appraisal.


What is America?

Is it Mom, apple pie, & baseball?

Is it politics, propaganda, support our troops?

Is it friendship, hard work, the common man

With sense, courtesy, & ground?

Is it lawyers, money, & special men

Upon thrones, pedestals, & air?

These heads are fare

While the common is fair

Enjoying fun & carnivals

While the otro

Enjoy arguments & regrets.

Is it sports, food, & entertainment?

Is it gambling, winning, & derangement?

Is it piercings, shootings, & news?

Is it hair do’s, and fashion don’ts?

Is it love, lust, & passion?

Is it misrepresentations, grey areas, & words that flatter?

Is it trust, black & white, & truth that shatters?

Is it the big city, small towns, & spots not on the map?

Is it Karma, Yin & Yang, or enduring crap?

Is it a taker, a sinner, & living fat?

Is it giving, being an angel, & exercising/exorcising that?

Is it sex, drugs, rock & roll?

Is it taxes, votes, & tolls?

Is it women, men, & trolls?

Is it children, peace, & playful knolls?


Is it liquid, solid, or air?

Is it Earth, above or below?

Is it water, dirt, or libel?

Is it grander, slander, or compromise?

Is it dumb, research or wise?

Is it a corporation, an entrepreneur, or the sewer?

Is it a hand out, left out, or left field?

Is it a dream, an accident, or a beam?

Is it just that – all of those?

A melting pot has arose

Not always looking or smelling that way

But upon or shoulders the weight shifts & sways.

For some it is part & lots we don’t see,

While others fall through the cracks

& others stumble on crack.

This world is mostly wacked

With many bright, energy spots

Where positive gravitation takes hold

& others like it brazenly bold

in darker, recessive spots.


To plot



Against what we all complain

The big mainframe

Taking hold to squeeze death & taxes

But there is opportunity,


& your own decisions

on which way to flee.

To start


& motivate

or agitate.

We all have brains,


& work towards paper awards

to wield our swords

the opportunity we sliced

& those we seized.


America is many cultures

Very diverse

& very perverse

Fore, we are humans

Helping & hurting our nature.

So is flirting and skirting on the edge of night

To day’s plight

& be & do in this brave land.

Home of the free

For your mind to wield in the fashion

It so designs




Your riches


& dreaming

of where you want to be

where you are

& where you went.

Looking back

Is it looking down beyond you perceived realm


Looking up the ladder that was kicked aside.

We all abide

By the foundations American

& rejoice


& laugh

About our pride

Its hang ups

Hang looses

Let ups

& let downs


& frowns

to the open road we traveled down



main roads

blue highways

mass freeways or

subservient trays.

WE are all rays

Of hope


& dreams.



Go get it!

Brave & Free…



David “Love it or Leave It” Nance