My dear friend Bill shared this snipit with me this morning; reminding me and us all that anything that we do with a conciousness toward peace is not wasted energy. Rather, when we do what we, and only we can do for peace, the universe is affected and effected. At the most minimal moment, in the most mundane of activities, our simple actions of peace are better than being complict by inaction.

When John and Yoko were doing their bed-in for peace, they gave the following interview, released today for the first time:

Smith: Do you think doing it the way that you’re doing it is working?
Lennon: Sure it’s working. You know, I mean we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think it would work. It’s the most functional way we could work out to promote peace you know and even if it inspires people to do other things that’s good enough, yeah.

Smith: Yeah. Do you think it’s effective though? You know, is it literally doing something for peace?
Lennon: Sure it’s doing something for peace. The only way we can do something for peace is make everyone do something for peace, all the majority of people you know. And what we’re doing is indoctrinating them to think about peace. You know it’s peoples’ responsibility to change the world for better, although it’s going to change anyway, and we want to indoctrinate them to do it Gandhi’s way. You know, that’s all.

Smith: How are you going to change everything though? How are you going to change it so it comes about like that?
Lennon: How does the teacher stop you or whoever stop painting or drawing or writing when they were kids? How did they stop them? They told them they kept saying, “you’re no good, now stop that, you’re no good now stop that” and what we’re doing is saying, “you are good and keep going, you are good, keep going.” Think of peace. If you want peace you can get it. Do what you can, do anything. Smile for peace. Clean your teeth for peace. Do anything for peace, think peace and just turn the people on for peace.