Gratitude in all things. That is what I have learned. However, that doesn’t make it any easier. When you are given lemons in life, it is hard not to want to think that life can be sour. But, it is only our preconceived expectations that determine whether something is good or not.

I’m so thankful to my friends the Yees for providing me new shoes. My feet were starting to really feel the ground…literally. I may not be Muhammed, but at least my shoes are Holy. 🙂

Having only just re-begun, it was very frustrating to have the front axel of my cart break last night. I was in a little backward town in the middle of nowhere. The closest bicycle shop being 50 miles away…and backwards. Back to Phoenix? How? Frustration.

It all begins with gratitude. That is what I’ve been saying this whole time. Funny though that when I was met with this set back my first feelings weren’t of gratitude, but frustration. Having just written about the cadre of friends I’m lucky enough to call my own, I humbled that they all jumped at the chance to help me out. My friend JC had taught all day, coached all evening, and even dealt with some unruly parents, but he still packed into his truck and drove 80 miles into the night to get me. My buddy Dave, in similar stead, has offered to shuttle me and my gear back up to my last point. In addition, my friend Winnie said she would pay for any repair costs whatever they may be.

How can one not be humbled by a situation such as this. I mean had I not had these amazing friends…??? It was another 150 miles to Las Cruces—with no front wheel—my journey would have been much harder. I feel so loved, cared for, and humbled.

I had been struggling about why continue, why go on. I’d accomplished most of goals, but I was lacking resolve for the rest of my journey. I wrote this yesterday before the wheel broke:

Why?-The question is why am I still out there? Out here? There isn’t any person(s) that I already know that I am looking forward to meeting. There isn’t any place to get to, just more of the US. There isn’t any plan, just general directions.

My dad is worried about me, and tried to talk me out of continuing. My uncle said he would try if he thought it would do any good. And yet, I am working to convince myself of why to continue.

“Without a vision the people perish.” I’m am out here for the familiar reasons. I want to make a difference. I want to accomplish something. I want to encourage others to do what they can for peace. I just wonder if I am being the most effective I can be in my current pre-occupation? Could I effect and affect peace by staying in one place, and meeting the people in one town? Could I effect the world by just helping kids in one place? Can I be of service in other ways? Why this?

It seems like I probably should have figured all this stuff out before right? I thought I did, but putting pedi to pavement is different. Even when there are lots of towns to visit it is different. But there is a lot of nothing in Arizona.

So what is the choice? I can’t imagine stopping, but I just wonder why am I continuing?

Then at the point of my most absolute desperate need, common and ordinary people show that we can all be each other’s heroes. Test and resolve. Love made manifest. Humbled. Being the hero in another’s life…this is all our calling. Be the love in your midst. Love.