I met the poet Katie C. quite a few days ago. She is a fantastic poet, and keeps a blog of her daily poems. I don’t know how she feels about them, but I see them as if they are about moments of observation. Moments where what are often glossed over, unseen, or unobserved are focused upon. Seeing each moment as a time to reflect. Acknowledging each instant in our lives is beautiful, wonderful, and worthy of document. However, I believe Katie’s poems are evidence of her belief that the notation should be as beautiful as the moment that so quickly slips into oblivion.

With humility, I share her poem about me:

the peace artist

run or paint
write or ride
bring us to
the peacful side
dance or sit
sing or swim
climb out on
a spiritual limb
hurt or heal
that’s the choice
may we speak
with loving voice

Her Blog is: