Bryan loves kids, loves art, and loves to help. So, when he heard about how the local schools in Peridot, AZ handle the troubled youths here, he decided there was something he could do…he could become their teacher.

He applied for and received permission to start his own classroom. He takes only the kids that have been suspended over 9 times. His class is full of the students that everyone else rejected. At home these kids are in more danger than while at school, and they don’t do anything but get into trouble or play video games. In Bryan’s class you can’t get suspended. He doesn’t give up on them.

Bryan liked my drawing of the Superstition Mountains. He said that the local Apache people of this valley hold the Superstitions with great respect. They believe that there are portals in these mountains. Portals that allowed Geronimo to be transported to Mexico and evade capture by the cavalry, and perhaps account for the disappearance of the “Lost Dutchman”.

Bryan is the kind of person I am so happy to meet. He reminds me that there isn’t anything as powerful as people doing kind things, sometimes simple, sometimes extremely difficult, but always with the spirit of love for his neighbor.