Mullah Nasradeen was invited to a dinner party at a Sultan’s palace. Not caring much for the Sultan, the Mullah gave him no attention. The Sultan insulted by his guest’s actions finally asked him what has he done to bring about this behavior from the Mullah? The Mullah replied, “You are not fit to be a leader.

Shocked and taken back by the Mullah honesty, he asked how the Mullah came to this conclusion. The Mullah replied asking, “If you were in a desert and dying of thirst, how much would you give for a glass of water?”

The Sultan replied, “Why, I would give up to half of my kingdom.”

The Mullah then asked, “If you had to urinate extremely badly, and your bladder was about to burst, what would you give to alleviate yourself?”

The Sultan replied again, “Again, I would give up to half of my kingdom.”

At this the Mullah said, “Any man who would give up his entire kingdom for a drink and a piss is not fit to rule.”

Water is finite. The amount of water we have now is all we’ll ever have unless another comet slams into the Earth sometime soon. In a sense, the water that you are drinking is the same that was drunk by a dinosaur. An Egyptian Pharaoh, the Mayans, and your neighbor used the water you bathe in. All water is reclaimed. But how much water do we really have, and how much is useable or potable.

We are all using more water today than we have ever before, yet we are leaving more and more of it contaminated. Life will end for us if we have no clean water. Although we appear to have plenty of rain in the US, we are using 127% more water now than we did in 1950. A 27% increase isn’t so much over 60 years, but when that commodity is finite, and becoming more and more often contaminated, it should cause us all worry.

“Quite simply, we are consuming to much”, that according to Chelsea Green Guides. The cost of water isn’t just H20, but the energy it takes to pump it, treat it, pump it again after use, and clean it again. No matter what we do our water demand will eclipse the supply.

Water Facts:

1. Bath                                                                            40 gallons

2. 5-Minute shower                                                    10 gallons

3. 5-Minute power shower                                         20 gallons

4. Brushing teeth with the tap running                  2 gallons/min

5. Brushing teeth with the tap off                              .25 gallons

6. One toilet flush                                                       3 gallons

7. Other water use (drinking, cooking, etc.)                7 gallons

8. Washing machine                                                    40 gallons

9. Dishwasher                                                                         10 gallons

10. Washing car with bucket                                       30 gallons

11. Hose/sprinkler                                                      140 gallons/hour


12. 95% of the water that comes to our house goes down the drain.

13. Only 3% of household water is used for drinking.

14. Leaking faucets that drip at the rate of one drop per second can waste up to 2,700 gallons of water each year.

15. A gallon of Fiji, Voss, or other boutique waters cost more per gallon than gas, and they carry a heavy carbon footprint to get here.

16. Many people in the world exist on 3 gallons of water a day or less. We can use that much in just one toilet flush.

17. The average roof collects about 22,500 gallons of rainwater in a year—enough to fill 450 50-gallon rain barrels with free water.

18. 97% of the world’s water is in our seas and salty. It is incredibly difficult, costly, and requires immense power to de-sallinate. The melting polar ice caps contain 2%. Our vast reserve of fresh water is melting away.

19. 70% of our wetlands are in draught or in an unfavorable condition. The destruction of the wetlands was directly responsible for the flooding in New Orleans.

20. Trees are about 75% water.

21. The average tree holds 10,000 gallons. Small wonder then why we see so much flooding where the trees have all been cut down and they aren’t there to act as sponges for the rain.

22. It takes nearly 70 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of gas.

23. It takes about 120,000 gallons of water to produce a small car.

24. It takes about 35 gallons to produce a bicycle.

25. An estimated 25 million refugees are displaced annually by contamination of rivers and river basins, more than are forced to flee from war zones.

Many of the facts of this post were provided by my good friend Leo Commandeur a water engineer. Leo is the kind of guy that would and has taken in just about every person that needs help along his path. Countless people including myself have benefitted from he and his wife’s generosity. It was with a heavy heart that I learned a couple of weeks ago that Leo has a tumor on his spine. Leo is a avid athlete, health food junkie, and doesn’t smoke or do anything unhealthy to his body. Many would be tempted to say, “Why me?” But that is not his character, rather than seek to be comforted, he admonished me, “Keep going man, your updates and stories of peace and love will inspire my recovery.”

By 2025 there will be another 2 billion people requiring food and water. Compassion in all things is the guiding principle that I choose to live my life by. The idea is that by being compassionate and caring for all living things, people, animals, and yes the Earth we become what we were all meant to be—the love. Please see what you can do to conserve and tread softly on our greatest natural resource.