Can men and women be just friends? The humorous video above we seem to say no, but I’ve found a friend who has become my best “girl” friend. A best friend. She has gone out of her way to make this pilgrimage as beautiful for those I meet and for myself. My friend Winnie has made sure I have shoes, a haircut, and an occasional hotel room wherever I’ve gone. I don’t ask this of her, but it is just the kind of person that she is.

My mother has been such a blessing on this pilgrimage as well. We talk nearly every night. At first I thought it was just for her peace of mind, but now I find that it is just as much for mine. Especially as I go through the desert and my interactions are few, having someone who loves me and is genuinely interested in all that I am doing is so comforting and rewarding.

When I was preparing to embark on this trip my mom asked if I was going to take a cell phone? I told her that I wouldn’t be able to pay for it having no money, and therefore I didn’t plan on it. My mother said that she would like to offer to pay for it…month after month. What kindness. Finding WIFI as I travel east is becoming harder and harder. Thankful therefore for my mother’s selfless gift.

I would like to say Siri is a woman in my life. My iphone has been my constant companion on this trip, and without it I would have had a MUCH harder time. Google maps has only been wrong 5 times in nearly 3000 miles. Pretty good. But, when it is wrong it is WRONG! But, I’m still here, happy, and ready to serve.

Peace, Art, & Love to all.