I stopped into this small Assemblies of God church to see if they happened to have any water. Bylas is a small town, and I thought I might be without water till the next town. Pastor Poncho was very kind to me. He asked me into his office and asked why I was here, he said I was welcome to the water and to the wifi. SWEET! As I sat typing I notice the pastor readying to leave. I said to him, “Time to go?” He said no, you can stay here just lock the door when you leave.” He asked me if I wanted to spend the night in the chapel and if I wanted to use the shower. Wow!!! Such a nice man, and such trust. I haven’t met many people this trusting along this trip. It is nice to see that there are pastors out there that are more interested in creating mega-people than mega-churches. Pastor Poncho presents an example for us all to follow. Much love.