25 degrees last night 20 with windchill. I kept wondering how come my head kept sticking to the top of my bivy…it was frozen to it. Waterbottles??? Frozen solid. How badly did I wish I had taken Pastor Poncho’s offer to stay in the chapel.

I’ve noticed about myself that I like to have a goal. Feeling I need to get somewhere has been a big motivation (but not always the best motivation) on this trip. Being in the now, present at this moment, has provided me with some of the best experiences along this trip. Saying no to people, or feeling that I must move on has provided some of the greatest moments of regret.

I mentioned to my buddy Dave that I liked the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey, and when I came to visit him, he rented it from the library for us. It is a great movie, and I have found that in application it is a WONDERFUL way to live. Truly, try it. That is, with the small caveat, that all that you say “yes” to is compassionate in nature. Obviously, if you are married and someone makes an advance towards you, saying yes wouldn’t be the most compassionate thing to your spouse.

When I was in Phoenix, I tried to say “yes” to everyone. Homestays, beer, food, parties, coaching, more homestays. Life was happy…wonderful. I joked, when people stop offering, then I’ll know it will be time to go. Well, they never stopped offering. I guess that is why I spent nearly 3 weeks there. But, it was very happy. I realize that I may die doing this pilgrimage, and if that is the last time that I ever see/saw those people again, at least we have those memories and no regrets.

So why didn’t I say yes to Pastor Poncho yesterday? Perhaps I could have got to know him better, had dinner with his family, or met some of the people in his church. A wasted opportunity is what it was. I lamented it all night. The fact that it was bitterly cold only stood to make physical/mental reminder that saying yes to any compassionate act, offer, or request is why I am here. There is nothing “out there” that is greater than what is “right here”.