Sharon and her kids set out early this morning to find this elusive and solitary runner on the road through the Apache Reservation. They had seen him running in the preceding days, and figured on a cold morning such as this that he could probably use a warm jacket , a banana or two, a couple bottles of water, and a toasted bagel. Found me they did after driving quite a few miles and they delivered their goods with the kindness that not only warmed my hands and tummy, but one that warmed my heart.

Red owned the only convenience store open this early, and as I sauntered in looking for some hot water for tea, he offered me the house coffee for free and wished me well on my travels.

Steve met me in the “Tastee Freeze” that has been in his family since 1968, and offered me a place to sleep in some dry hay in his hay barn. If I need it I can warm up to the fire in the morning, and he offered to escort me to his ward at the Mormon church a few miles down the road. Kind people. What can you say? Kind people are everywhere.