Last night I met the Cox’s from Iowa. They were trekking from Phoenix and decided that they needed a Dairy Queen in order to continue. Come to find out that these amazing people were some of the original Peace Corps volunteers. They have developed a life of taking care of others and especially the people that they’ve met overseas. They befriended a boy there,who they later they sponsored to come to the US to go to school. Although he died a couple years back, that man’s kids are still coming here to go to school thanks to the peaceful kindness of the Cox’s. This is such a great demonstration of what can be accomplished if we all just do what we and only we can.

Holly overheard what I was about last night, and although she didn’t work today, she knew I was going to stop in for a little hot water this morning. She sent her boyfriend over at 7am to make sure that he didn’t miss me, and gifted to me a complete set of brushes, paints, pastels, and pencils. Such kindness.

Kourtney works here at Dairy Queen with her husband James. They were kind to me to allow me to sit and paint and us the internet. Kourtney said, “I really believe in what you are doing.” After yesterday feeling that there had been a change in people’s minds—that people didn’t want peace but did want anger, hate, and malice toward their fellow man, Kourtney and these amazing other people I’ve met provided such a stark contrast by being the love. Happy to meet people willing to be the change in the world.