This morning I stopped into a McDonald’s and found a wonderful group of people sitting around enjoying each other’s company. A really wonderful group that was very friendly to me in every way. Eloise came over and talked to me and was one of the most genuinely sweet people I’ve met on this a bodhisattva incarnate. She is one of the wonderful people that delivers meals on wheels. Donald her me talking about the threat of heavy weather tonight and offered to put me up in his house. Don and his wife ran a ranch before she passed, where they would take in people who just crossed the border. They would give them water, food, and bandage their feet or hands. Don is in the process of building a retreat to house homeless and people in need. Don in his generosity has offered to house me for tonights storm.

My friend Scaughdt wrote me this morning with a message similar to all that Donald and Eloise live.

When it comes to Caring for others, it’s really pretty simple … 

When in doubt, avoid worrying about whether the person is a stranger or an friend or an enemy; 
… avoid analyzing whether or not your act of Kindness will help of hinder … 

Just pause, look, find — and be Kind … JUST LOVE!