I’ve had a lot of interesting discussions as of late with many people and especially Donald and his daughter Regina. I will write more on them later, but I wanted to post some pictures that I have done while in their presence. Above is box canyon this is the canyon that is located at the Buddhist retreat where I stayed…obviously it is very beautiful.

This is Don. Don is awesome. Don is love. More on him later. Below is the view from Don’s front yard, the beautiful Floridian Mountains. His wife, when she was alive, liked to spend the evening watching the sunset over these peaks. Don asked me to paint them for him because they were important to his wife. It was my pleasure to love him in this way.

While at McDonald’s, one of the young men working there asked me how old I was. I told him (as I tell everyone), “I am ageless and timeless.” I say that not to be coy, but science has been really clear on this point, you are what you think. If you think, “I’m old”, you will be. Our bodies are the physical manifestation of our emotions, thoughts, and act as sponges to our environment. The girl working with him then asked me, “Does that mean, if I think I am pretty and popular I will be?”

I said, “Absolutely! If you let me draw you, I will prove it.” And I did.