Happy? I am happy. Most people who have looked at the self-portrait I did yesterday said, “You look happy.” I am. But it isn’t like I didn’t think that would be so. I mean that has been my whole premise, that doing kind things for others, loving on others, living in the moment, and forgetting greed and my selfish nature would bring joy. Of course it did.

That isn’t to say there haven’t been hard times. When driving a nail into a board, you sometimes miss and hit your thumb with the hammer. It hurts. But, you can regain your happiness. The science of compassion and happiness are inextricably linked. This has been proven over and over.

In the new documentary produced by the same man who did “I AM”, the general science of happiness is brought to bear. It is a fantastic movie…please see it. But it echoes so much of what I’ve been reading in the book, “Buddhism and the Science of Happiness” by William Woolard. If you have a chance, and like to listen to podcasts, listen to Chapter 14 for free on the internet at:

A Buddhist Podcast- Chapter 14

A while ago my friend Rob asked me to point to a civilization that practiced peace. There are, and have always been those cultures who try, like modern day Tibet and most recently Bouthan. But, I think that the peaceful community is all around us. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t like peace, if we didn’t want to be happy. If you ask most people what they want out of life, they say, “I want to be happy.”

A friend of mine is giving birth right now as I type. Throughout history, giving birth has been a precarious endeavor, often resulting in the death of the mother. And yet, despite this, 99% of mothers love that baby, care for it, nurture it, and love it. This is compassion, this is all the evidence one needs that we are a good species, we protect our young. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. We are compassion.

So go forth, love and be happy, give and be happy, and when you practice compassion—you will be happy.