My good friend Sheila who manages a pier in San Francisco once asked me for a painting of a pelican. I took the reference photo for this painting way back in Oregon, but just haven’t gotten around to painting it. I wanted to get this one done before I left tomorrow. I’d forgotten about it for too long.

The next 5 days will be the longest stretch on the trip without water. It is 98 miles to the next possible water, and 160 till the next town. I am carrying 3 gallons of water with me now, and just hope to not break another axel by overloading the cart.

As I sat here in a Burger King, Marco the manager began becoming very curious about what the heck I was doing. Soon he came over to see my painting, and was happy when I offered it to him. Marco graciously offered me some food. Fortunately, BK has a veggie burger, and he brought one out to me. But, that is the kind of guy he is. He keeps all the food that was good, but a mis-order, for the homeless. In addition, he makes sure to feed not only the less fortunate but their pets as well. Marco is a student of life and is working toward advancing his life by getting a degree. He uses the experiences and the people he meets in his role as manager to inform his studies.

People are good. The world is made up of kind souls.

Love, Art, & Peace to all.