It is nice to have a tail wind. Very nice indeed. However when that tailwind is 50 mph with an occasional 60…it can prove to be difficult. However, there are so many good people in the world it proves to be nothing worth remembering once I’ve encountered the kind people in my path.

Adrian stopped me along the road to ask what I was about. He works for the El Paso Gas Company, and so he is very familiar with this road. He couldn’t have been more kind as he offered me oranges, peanuts, water, and sunblock. So kind.

Sonny is from Lubbock, TX. He stopped to offer me a ride. We got to jawin’ a bit and he lamented that people weren’t kind like they use to be. He said, “You use to be able to hitch hike all over this country, and people would always stop to pick you up. People aren’t like that anymore.” I remarked that Sonny was a bit of an oxymoron…he stopped and he offered me a ride even though I didn’t ask for it. I said there are still good people out there Sonny—you are one of them. He tried to play off what I said, and remarked, “I really admire what you are doing.” I said to him, “Sonny, I’m just trying to do what you are doing…to help everyone I meet.” He got bashful at that and we said our goodbyes. People are good.

I woke up the other morning to find what I thought were deer tracks about my camp. They were pretty fresh, and so I hoped to see some high plains quadrupeds. Just around the corner I stumbled upon the herd, but as it turned out they were antelope. Having never seen them (alive) before I was really excited, especially to see a good 20-30 of them. So beautiful.

I limped, crawled, and collapsed at the peak of the Guadalupe Mountains, which are the highest peaks in Texas (8767 ft). I was looking for somewhere to camp, but seeing that the park fees were $8, I decided to move on. I asked some guys for advice for places to camp down the road. Ryan, sensing my predicament, kindly offered me to share his campsite. Ryan a former investment banker and lover of the outdoors is on his own sort of pilgrimage. He is hitting every national park on his way west before he flies to his new home in Switzerland. Ryan cooked me dinner, breakfast, and gave me some snacks for the road. So kind.

I was able to give him this “peace” for a “homecoming” present for his girlfriend in Switzerland. People are good and kind. It is people like Sonny, Adrian, and Ryan that really are the true tailwind to my entire trip. Hopefully I will be able to love on others as much as they have loved on me.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.