When I was a kid, I got a toy (if you can call it that) called “Green Slime”. This was long before the Ghostbusters movies, but it was bright neon green snot looking stuff that we used to call Ectoplasmic Reticulum. Today, I am a friend of a different kind of Green Slime, namely that which you put into your tires to repair punctures.

In the preceding 3000 miles, I have had nearly 100 flats, and taken into my tires nearly (and I make no hyperbole) a 1000 thorns. If caught in time, I merely remove the thorn, if however it goes unnoticed and the tire does loose pressure, I merely inflate it again, and Green Slime goes to work.

My tires though have taken the brunt of being pin cushions for far too long, and finally yielded under the constant bombardment. Terri and JC, my calabash brother and sister, came to my aid and rescue. They purchased for me brand new Kevlar tires, thorn strips to line the inner walls, new Green Slime tubes, and for added security—more green slime for the inside of the tubes.

After crossing my longest jaunt yet of 168 miles of desert, my friend Winnie once again proved herself to be both the Mary and the Martha of my journey. She provided for me here in Carlsbad by providing a hotel room, purchasing groceries, and sending a pizza to my hotel room.

I never ask for these things, but these are the kind of amazing people that are in the world, and they help me and other of their own volition. Everywhere I go, people tell me to “Be Careful” there are “BAD” people out there. That may be, I cannot dispute that, but time and time and time again I have been either the personal recipient or witness to the generosity, compassion, philanthropy, and kindness of strangers. The world IS made of up of good people, they are everywhere around us. They are us. They are you.

Thank you all for loving on the acquaintances and strangers in your life that you encounter everyday.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.