I spend a lot of time a lone on the road. The silence of my own thoughts isn’t a prison, but more like a laboratory. Having all that time, I could get bored, but instead I use my time meditate, contemplate, send positive energy to those I’ve met and all whom I love.

Going through the desert though and spending 7 days in a row in solitary confinement seems not the best use of my time or talents. So, having taken a ride from Kymo under different circumstances, I decided to change my game plan a bit.

I’ve been saying “yes” to every opportunity, that is except rides (or anything non compassionate). But then I thought, “Who am I to refuse love and compassion from anyone? Who am I to keep them from loving on me? And, who am I to keep myself from getting to know these wonderful people and making them known to you through this blog.” So, I made up my mind, when/if a person offers me a ride, I would say yes. That happened yesterday.

Tom is a sweet man, and he gave me a ride into town yesterday. After we got to talking, he asked me if he could buy me dinner. After dinner, he took me to his house so I could shower. Afterward, I was able to paint him as the cowboy roper that he is, in a procession with his grandkids. They follow his pony in their appropriate guises as the baby, the dancer, the princess, and the cowpoke. There are a lot of things I could tell you about Tom, but suffice to say, Tom is a man who went out of his way to love on me. I could have loved my mile count and refused his generosity, but instead I got to get to know and love Tom, and my life is richer for it.