Victoria works at the dinner where Tom took me for dinner. She gave Tom scoldings for giving a stranger a ride, and then she gave me scoldings for taking a ride from a stranger. WE both laughed, because Tom and I felt that we had made such a good friend; hardly feeling the other was a stranger.

Victoria’s mind couldn’t be turned though. She isn’t alone. So many years of constant fear predation mentality has been loaded upon every in our culture. Its grip is hard to break. However, her mind began to change when she discovered I could paint. She asked me to paint her a lion, and by the time it was done, she had thrown her arms around the neck of this “stranger” in gratitude. Kindly and secretly, she paid for my grilled cheese sandwich.

People are kind, people are good. Everyone has the chance to become your best friend, or an intimate acquaintance. Seek to serve and love, rather than be served and loved. If we seek to put a smile on another’s face, one will end up on our own.