“You coached gymnastics? I am a circus performer and acrobat. Want to have a handstand competition?” she asked me.

“Here…on the comedian’s stage?” I replied.

“Why not?” she quipped. Indeed why not. Needless to say I lost…or did I throw the game to let the lady win??? The world will never know.

We arranged to meet for breakfast the next morning, and as I was to come to find, Kelsey and I are very simpatico. Simpatico: 1. pleasant or congenial 2. of similar mind or temperament; compatible. Kelsey grew up in Big Sky country, then moved to Alaska between high school and college. After receiving her degree in painting and Italian Literature from the University of Oregon, she traveled the world, lived in Italy, worked as a house framer, toured the US solo on a bicycle, and became an juggler and acrobat.

Currently she uses her art, dance, juggling, and acrobatic skills to brighten the lives of others. She plays at renaissance fairs around the nation, and when she has free time does shows for children especially those who are hospitalized or are the victim of unfortunate circumstances. In a word, she is a bodhisattva. Very similar to Will whom I mentioned yesterday, I have been meeting all these amazing people who use their skill set whatever they may be for the betterment of the world.

Kelsey’s mind has been astir as of late regarding the next evolution in her performance and how to use it for the greater good. Meeting with her added to my ever increasing evidence that people are good, and there are amazing people doing great things for others everywhere. It was an honor to paint her portrait. My ardent hope is that when I return north through Austin on my way to Dallas, I will be able to introduce Will and Kelsey,  two generous people such as they aught to know the other exists.

Love, Art, & Peace to all.