I’ve been very lucky, or the universe has smiled on me in the last 6 months. I really haven’t encountered too much bad weather. Gratitude for that. Today however, the weather is playing catch-up. Thankfully, just before it REALLY broke, a Starbucks came into my view and to my rescue.

Within 5 minutes of entering my familiar bastion of tea and coffee I had a warm cup of tea in my hand thanks to my friend Laschaunda who gifted me some Star$$$. The greatest gifts are the ones that people get because they listen, and really know what you like and appreciate. That is just the kind of friend Laschaunda is.

The manager, Kippling, asked me if I had any kids in my stroller as I stripped off my wet outer layers. I shared a little with her about what I was doing and offered her a piece I had completed the night before. A few minutes later, Kippling came over and informed me that she had noticed that I liked Earl Grey tea, and she having not taken her mark-out for the week, would like to give me a tin of Earl Grey. Both Laschaunda and Kippling paid attention and noticed the way that they could love on me, by noticing what I valued. It is a good example of what we can all do for each other. REally pay attention and love others where they are at, and value what is important to them.

I really liked this “peace”, and it made me so happy to give it to such a kind soul. Meeting Kippling and drinking what Laschaunda provided warmed my cold and wet bones.