It is easy to explain Facebook. It is in some ways a measure of who is popular. That is what the twins who invented the idea for it wanted it for. Back at Harvard, they WERE the most popular guys. Good looking, Olympic athletes, tall, and funny. They were everything that the rest of us are supposed to be.

They were white, affluent, athletic and blond.

They wanted to create a webpage that would make them even MORE popular; a way that their posts showed up on everyone else’s page, or to know about all the others on the Facebook. Being the administrators they could read anyone else’s posts and private messages…and photos.

They wanted access to your info.

What couldn’t you do with this info? J. Edgar ruled the US and the FBI by having private files. Now the Twins and Zuckerburg would have access to the hottest girls and hottest minds of Harvard’s best. The next “IT” guys, with the next “IT” gadget or technology. Guys like Gates…and Zuckerburg. And systematically follow them as they realize they have the next IT.

And invest.

Beautiful. When it got larger, you had Yale brains, Stanford, and MIT brains too. All that beautiful DATA. When it went worldwide, the man who could crunch the data and see then trends, would know it ahead of time and stand to make a profit from it. If at Christmas time everyone is posting about “this” or “that” gadget. It would take but a keystroke to invest in the next “Elmo”, “rollerblades”, “healies”, or “ipad” craze.

When the next Rosa Parks happened, it would be known…and has been. What happened in the Middle East is but the “small” becoming the “important”. One woman saying she was going to respond to brutish violence with peaceful non-violence turned out to be the tipping point, or the final drop by which the damn breaks and all people finally do what is right.



It is the tragedy of the commons. The famous economic model that says the land is only large enough for 7 cows, but when someone gets greedy, and adds an eight cow, it disturbs the balance. As many times as this model has been used to describe economics or the social model, it is always from remote. We are expected to be the rational and removed observers. But, we are the cows. WE are overgrowing our paddock.

The commons points out the problem, it is never discussed how societies solve the problem. Human behavior is laughable in its predictability. First the offender is talked about, “Have you seen Bill has put an 8th cattle out to pasture?” Then resentment comes in. At this point several things could happen based solely on choice: 1. Others begin to add more cows or 2. They confront the offender.

If the other seven farmers begin to add cows, soon there are 14 cows, and everyone dies. The land cannot sustain it. We are nearing this point, where the land cannot carry the population. We are breaking our mother’s back.

If they confront the offender there are many options: 1. The offender says he didn’t know you couldn’t have it. 2. He says yes, he realizes that but he has extenuating circumstances why he needs it. 3. He says yeah, so what screw you. “Who are you to care??? Are you the police?”

They then in all cases usually make a law, or a rule. But if someone else breaks the law, or if the offender has been breaking the rule then there are other possibilities. The people can gather together as a mob to demand justice, they appoint the big strong powerful guy to officiate justice or retribution. I mean after all, the guy could be judged by his peers, i.e. the other people of the paddock. Sentenced, and then the punishment meted out. The opposite of poverty isn’t wealth…it is justice.



Kill the cow? Kill the man? Violence…and if he resists…we have war.

What does this all have to do with Facebook and Zuckerburg?

All of our data is on there. Like J. Edgar, the internet and someone who is the highest point of the information pyramid can know your data. Who reads the presidents private thoughts, every email, who has high enough clearance to see it ALL. President Bush number 1 had to take a step down in security clearance to become the VP after being the CIA head.

Zuckerburg, like Gates, was probably was “allowed” to continue…the “Someone” wants the data…”Someone” who wants to control it all, they don’t care who the middle managers are. That believe it or not is just what Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerburg are…middle management. Just like the Twins back in Harvard, the pyramid top wants to control all the info, but on the grandest scale.

All our secrets are known. Gay or straight? What porn sites do you go to? What do you masturbate to? What drugs to do you take legally and illegally? Did you pay your taxes? Did you order that birth control yet? What music do you like? Who is important to you? Who do you talk about behind their back in private messages? What pictures are being saved by the internet? Google + just said that if you loose your phone, no problem all your “Baby photos are saved.” But just as easily, all your lewd pictures, and all those that congressmen send hookers are saved as well. Used if you try to buck the system. Pulled out to get you out of office should you resist.

You want to buck the system; just step out of line and you will be mowed down. Speak out for this or that, and we will publish this or that fact, and make it look bad. Make you look bad.

The Someone’s control it all, the press, and the government. We can do it to you too. You aren’t small enough that we can’t reveal or stage a “thing” to make you look bad.

Why does the Swiss Guard protect the Pope? Switzerland controls a lot of money…and a lot of secrets. Why is the President protected by the Secret Service…a department of the Treasury? Again money controlling security of a person?

I know I know, at this point I sound like a conspiracy theorist. But, what if the guards aren’t there to keep threats away, but are there at all times to keep the “heads” in line. Who is closer to the President than the secret service? Closer to the Pope than the Swiss Guard? Step out of line…

So then what is the back up? What should we do? First be grateful that you realize the test is there. When given the choice what will choose? When you see the Wizard of Oz for who he is what will you choose? Kindness or retribution?

Being honest first with where we haven’t loved, and where we have to improve. The only motivation must be love, not only for you but also for others.

WE as a people are just beginning to wake up, to become enlightened. I believe all people are enlightened and on a path to realizing it. My reason why is because, when people see me, they realize that “I am their neighbor”. We are told people are bad, but when push comes to shove, I’ve seen people over and over and over do the right thing by each other…when they realize there is a choice. But more importantly, they realize that that is who they are also.

Others may not walk/run 10,000 miles, paint paintings, or love gymnastics like me, but they are me. You are me. We are it. We are the dust of STARS!!! When you see me for my humanity, and you see others for their humanness it is because you are human.

What I’m saying is: you will do the right thing when the time comes. I’ve seen it enough times now. People are good. There are a lot of people who don’t know what they will do, but so many people have done it. They did it, they loved Peace. They offered me food, shelter, rides, shoes, hotels, art supplies, and to serve me if possible.

What else could any human ask more from another human?

And they did it volitionally. They loved their neighbor. You loved your neighbor. For a moment you saw yourself in my or their shoes, and you loved on me or them. That is it, that is enlightenment, knowing that when the chips are down, you’ll do the right thing. You will! You did it to me. Thank you.

The only question now is, once you are aware that you have a choice, what will you choose from now on?

That is all enlightenment is, it is making the “loving” choice over the “correct” choice. Doing the loving thing when no one is looking. And doing the loving and correct thing when big brother is watching…regardless of the consequences.

That is why I bring up all this “Big Brother” talk. People are watching you and crunching your data. One day though, you will face a choice between doing the right thing and doing the “correct” thing. The consequences will be severe, or perhaps quite embarrassing. It may cost you your life, or the lives of those whom you love. Which will you choose? I know you…you will choose love, you will choose compassion, and you will choose your neighbor.

Until then, Peace