Clint, didn’t want to disturb me, but he was curious enough about my tunic that he approached me at Starbucks and asked me about my pilgrimage. It seems that there are two kinds of people that approach me, either those with a healthy dose of curiosity, or those who are dedicated to peace and love themselves. Clint it seems was both. When coincidences stack up, I’ve come to see these occurrences as providence. He and I had tread much of the same ground in life, lived and toured in many of the same places, and come to hold many of the same opinions despite our different paths to getting there. Clint and his wife are dedicated to doing the best by others and their children as is within their power. The live simply, own one house, homeschool their children, and don’t watch TV. They instead use their free time and capital to help others. People like this inspire me, hopefully they inspire you.

Be the change you wish to see.