My friend Winnie has gone out of her way so many times to help this pilgrimage in so many ways. As I approach 300 pieces given away, and over 600 posts I am humbled by her compassion toward me. She has given and given, and continues to give.

I never ask for anything from her, but she watches the internet and weather for storms, and then calls me ahead and arranges a warm hotel bed to escape the storm. She has arranged shoes for me, food, and even haircuts. I really came to the conclusion the other day, that I probably couldn’t have done this without my Winnie. She has been my Winnebago from the storm.

To show her my gratitude, I’ve painted a collection of flowers for her to say thank you. I hope you all have a Winnie in your life, but I hope even more that you all will be a Winnie in someone’s life.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.