Everyone is amazing, when you take the time to get to know them. Every person I’ve ever known named Mollie has usually been the life of the party, and the Mollie I met yesterday was no exception. But, this woman was exceptional not because she made her self most prominent, but rather, she made everyone else feel that THEY were the person that we have all been waiting to see. When every new person entered the room, she made that feel that she was genuinely truly excited to see them.

She certainly made me feel that way.

“Are you painting,” was all she asked, and our conversation was launched. After talking at some length, she asked me if I would like to go to dinner with her friends so that I may tell them stories of the road. How could I resist such a gracious invitation. Again, she genuinely made me to feel like an honored guest. Mollie is the glue that holds things together. She is the glue, the nucleus, and the catalyst. She doesn’t need to be the center of attention, but her natural skills makes her the penultimate host. When I arrived at dinner, her and the gathered friends treated me like royalty, bought me a salad and a beer, and engaged in my stories. But it wasn’t just to me that she extended this courtesy, she and the merry band she had assembled made all additions to the table feel as if, “Now that you are here, the party can start.” What a great gift this group of women possessed.

We all talked from 7 till 11 pm when we finally left the bar. Small chance of me walking back, for they demanded to give me a ride. In our ride home came the realization that this night was magical for all who were involved. In fact, I was so elated with the evening that I couldn’t sleep. We had talked about the nature of compassion, our role in the universe, ways to love others when it was difficult, and how I take a shower. But, it was deeper and more meaningful that just the facts and particulars of the journey, we talked of what it really means to be human. We broke all or masks and the conventions of society and got right down to it, answering the questions that plague us all at night when we are alone and we lay in bed. “Why am I here?” “What is the meaning of life?” “Where do I go, what do I do, and what is the point?”

In the end I believe that we were all of one mind and spirit, of course we were! We are the love, we are the compassion. Knowing that gives us the ability to then live it.