Amelia said, “We are getting better as a species.” I think that she is right. Evolution dictates that species that are communal and empathic survive. There have been times that we have chosen self and hurt others. But everyday we choose to love others by our simple actions and big one’s too; the band did go down on the Titanic so that others could survive. Our hive is only as strong as our dedication to each other. We all make compassionate choices everyday.

The person who came into Starbucks just before me didn’t treat Amelia and her fellow workers very well. But Amelia, because of the person that she is, was kind in return. She could have balled the customer out, but she didn’t. Instead, she turned the person around by being kind, compassionate, and defenseless. When the customer demanded that Amelia walk a mile for her, Amelia walked two…she offered her unslapped cheek too.

Later Amelia came over and asked me how I “support” this pilgrimage. I told her as I do everyone, that I just trust in the universe, and everything just seems to work out. With that, she extended an envelope toward me. It was her total accrued tips for the week. It was all the money that was had by people recognizing that Amelia is kind because of who she is, not because Starbucks demands it. The tips were others compassion to and on her, and she in turn multiplied their compassion and gave it to me.

The polite thing to do was to refuse her generosity, but Amelia wouldn’t hear of it. As such, I allowed Amelia to love on me the way that she wanted to. She loved on me, who am I to tell her how to do so.

People are good. People are kind. People will do the right thing for others when they really need it. People are BEING the love all around us, although we sometimes miss it. Thankfully, Amelia bathed me in it.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.