People are doing compassionate things all around us all the time, if we only have eyes to see it. Scott is a filmmaker from Austin. After learning of my journey, he offered to buy me dinner and gave me his own bag of chips. Again, I never ask for these things, but that is just the kind of person that he is. People are just that good to each other.

While we were sitting here conversing, a good Samaritan came in with a guy who fell asleep at the wheel and wrapped his truck around some poles on the freeway going 70. The Samaritan was making sure the traveler was cognizant, helped him dial his insurance, insisted on taking him to the Emergency room, and assured him that after the ER, if he needed a ride home (to Austin) that he would give him a ride. It is Friday at 6pm, I’m sure that the Samaritan had other things and his own family to attend to, but he was willing to do all this for a complete stranger.

Wow, the world is really populated with wonderful people…if you only have eyes to see it.