Gilbert told me that he would like to have one of my old “peaces” if it was still available. He liked a piece called “Chained”. Unfortunately, I’d already given it away. But, his birthday was coming up, and he wondered if I would paint him another with the same theme. He said, “Truth be told it speaks to me loud and clear.”

“Chained” was an extremely difficult piece that took me three days. Everyone knows the size and proportions of chain, so if it was off, it would be easy to tell. Frankly I wasn’t looking forward to doing it again, I accomplished that task, and I didn’t want to retread old ground. In addition, the mindset didn’t fit the way I felt any longer. I don’t feel chained, rather I feel liberated. I feel that the chains and the locks no longer are my fetters for how can you chain the spirit? How can you keep captive one who is truly free.

As such, I’ve been looking for the last 2 months since he asked, for some reference that really spoke to how I feel now. Finally, I have found such. I’ve found something that says free, I’ve found my unchained melody.