For the last seven months I’ve been trying to take care of people as best I can stacking wood for old ladies, painting a house for a beleaguered father, changing tires for stranded ladies, babysitting, and giving hugs and art to everyone I meet. Yes, many many kind people have helped and taken care of me along the way. But, none of them are my mom. Having been able to just enjoy my mom for the last few days has been…fun.

My mom really accommodated me by going to the Amon Carter Museum, The Kimble Art Museum, and The Dallas Art Museum amongst others. In addition, she took me to an art supply store, to get a haircut, and to WOGA gymnastics. As I’ve gone around the US, I’ve visited or guest coached at various gyms throughout California, Oregon, and Arizona. WOGA is the home of Olympic all-around champions Nastia Liukin and Carly Patterson, and their boys team has produced quite a few good gymnasts. The 36,000 sq.ft. facility I visited is just one of three, and they were kind enough to allow me to check it out and be on the floor with their boys.

Tomorrow my mom leaves, and I will be back to loving and doing for others, but for now it seems that the best way to love my mother, is to allow her to take care of me. It is what moms do best.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.