Dallas/Fort Worth is like no other city I’ve ever seen; it is just one giant suburb forever. The city assumes that you will drive everywhere as there are no sidewalks anywhere, and when there are…they are obviously very old and under utilized. The abundant limestone found just about everywhere is easily fumed and lends itself to creating this concrete jungle. I’ve been attempting to traverse this city for two days, and am no closer it seems to the edge of town for the effort. Like I said…sprawl, but everyone’s commute is made easier because gas is nearly a dollar less than anywhere else in the US. (approx. $3.50)

I’ve only seen one homeless person here, almost as if the word has spread that DFW is not the place to be. I get A LOT of disapproving or scowling looks from people here for my appearance, but I beam them back a smile, and they seem to melt. I say, “Howdy, “hello”, “good day”, or “hi” and I always get a genial response. This city is one of conformity. But why not, everyone I have met here is VERY kind. It seems people do the right thing by each other-just because. I’ve seen people pick up others trash, been called sir by just about everyone, even older men, and very well cared for in every regard.

As I’ve walked around the US, there have only been a couple of places where there is new construction, money is tight for most people, so building is relegated to the most wealthy parts of our country. Malibu, Monterey, and Dallas to name a few. I’ve yet to see a low-income section of town, or many obese people. I literally began to wonder if there is something in the water here?

Today as I came into Starbucks for some hot water for tea, Jason approached me. Jason is a very kind man who was interested in what I am doing. He offered to do some legwork to get my pilgrimage some airtime on the local television station. Having worked in that business for a while, he knows whom to contact.

I haven’t sought any notoriety for this pilgrimage, which would be somewhat self-agrandizing I believe. But, if I have the chance to speak plainly about my intentions with the media (as I have a couple of times previously) I am all for it. If another person is questioning whether they are all alone in desiring peace, and my example encourages them…then what else am I doing this for?

My friend Leslie highly recommended that I find the Meadows museum on the SMU campus. The museum is dedicated exclusively to Spanish artists, and as such possesses some of the truly great works of artists Murillo, Velazquez, Sorolla, and others.

As an added treat, the ceilings and open hardwood floors produce terrific ring time, and the Dallas chorus was practicing in the salons while patrons observed works. The angelic music gave wings to my spirit and it seemed the paintings themselves. It was a magical experience.

Upon leaving, I was able to give a study I did to Sue, a guard who had been very nice to me. She was very sweet, and I asked her if she would like it– if she liked art? She laughed at my question and replied, “Oh of course, I do work at a museum.”

Dallas, Austin, Waco, San Marcos, and it seems all the towns I’ve visited are filled with wonderful people, suspicious of a Peace Artist, but kind people. Spring here is better than anywhere else I’ve ever experienced. I think that Texas is a very nice state…if you have a car. 🙂