Realizing that the route to happiness wasn’t through corporate America and the accumulation of wealth, Susan retired from her executive position, sold her house, and moved to the Dallas area. Her daughter, who lived in Dallas, was going through a rough period and she wanted to be there for her. In addition, she wanted to help others, and be with children. The solution came in the guise of being a nanny. In this role she would have the chance to help her daughter, other well intention parent/professionals who were still trying to make their mark in the business world, and tend to what she finds most important—children.

I met Susan this morning after she had dropped the children at school, and was doing the household shopping. Her respite at starbucks proved to be happy for us both.

Melody, a barista at Starbucks, saw me working on Susan’s roses, and was so impressed she asked if I would paint her one of her own. When I gave it to her she beamed with pride and showed it to each person who came to her counter. Keeyon, on her 15 minute break from her job at Target saw Melody’s piece and asked if I would draw her portrait. Unfortunately, she only had 3 minutes left on her break. But, the speed drawing turned out nicely, and she was happy.

As I ran on further I came to lake where I met some people fishing. The woman’s Creole was so thick I never did quite get her name. They shared their shade with me, and I shared some of my Turkish delight candy with them. Just a random Thursday morning. Nothing particularly exciting about it, and yet making these people’s day was within my power. They were in my path, why not make them happy? It is within all of our power, if we choose to accept it.