My body just doesn’t want me to move forward right now. For three weeks I’ve been battling “a pain in the butt” literally. Twenty-five miles a day can make your shorts feel like sandpaper with each step or stride, and the more I push it the more I just prolong my agony and the healing. So…I’m gonna put myself in dry dock…I think. Rockwall, TX has a huge county library, and it seems the place to sit (gingerly), paint, draw, study, and in general make ready for the next leg. Hopefully I will be able to put some of the downtime to good use. I am honest with you about my fragility so that you know, this journey is hard, it has taken its toll in someways. Yet, I continue because I think you are worth it, and so for as long as I feel it is right, I will continue…for you.