An American journalist who was watching Mother Teresa bathe and nurse a leper as she was conducting the interview said, “I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars.” Mother Teresa, without looking up from her work said, “Neither would I.”

“Peace, there is a bed and a bath waiting for you at the Best Western,” he said. Even though this man has been battling his own bout with Cancer and has experienced pains, sleepless nights, and a whole host of other physical problems, Leo and his wife Deb focused their energies externally. Although they have a million things going on in their own lives, serious things, they chose to have compassion on me. I know Leo and Deb love wine so the picture above is from Napa Valley.

What is it that compels people to continue to give? And, give despite what they might have to endure? Compassion, it is the sweet elixir of life. Compassion with no hope of reward, that is Emptiness.

Garry, took time from his busy schedule. He took time for his preparations for his next trip to Laos where serves all those whom he meets. He took time from his partner as well in order CALL ME and offered advice and help to get me back on the road. Can you believe that, I am the one benefiting from their kindness, I should be calling them for help, and yet they tracked me down?

Loesha, because she wanted to brighten my day, went out of her way to buy me a Starbucks card. She had no hope for reward, yet she would give up her money (to a complete stranger) because she wanted to love on me.

Jason offered his friends and family from here to the Carolinas as possible rest stops and points of refreshment because he wanted only to love on me and aid me with what I am attempting.

George sent and gave me the CD’s.Winnie set me up with groceries and hotels. My mom and dad both gave me more paper so I can love on others with art. Joey, Dave, and Inez texted and called to make sure I was OK. And I, having so little, have been able to do what I can. I can paint, I can draw, and I can run (just not right now). This is what I can do.

This is the way it could be all the time. We all could be doing these little things for each other, for strangers, for our enemies. Honestly, just little things. Things, which aren’t terribly hard, but require a little bit of effort. We could be using Facebook and every other tool to help others. We can build a utopia. WE simply need to choose to care. Follow the beautiful examples of the wonderful people I mentioned above and help those around you. If everyone just swept his or her own porch, the whole world would be clean.

The elixir? The sweetness of compassion made manifest.

BE the love in the world.