“My Buddy…My Buddy…… My Buddy misses me.” I have missed my little buddies. I’ve thought of them everyday. Some parents and kids would send or give me reports and stories. From parents, coach Mark, and sometimes kids I would receive meet-by-meet news of how things were going. I watched for meets statistics on all the appropriate websites. Like a fan of any sport, with a favorite team, I monitored each of their growths, flops, and successes.

And, when a situation presented itself, and I felt it was appropriate, such as a student initiating emailing, calling, or face time I complimented them on their successes, and encouraged them to listen to their coaches and never offered advice. I knew it was never easy for a coach to leave. I didn’t want to interfere either. If I wanted a say in how the program went…I shouldn’t have left.

I did leave however.

As much as I love gymnastics, AS MUCH AS I LOVE THOSE LITTLE BOYS, I love trying to make the world a better place by being the Peace Artist. Both are service, but I just love being a peaceful maker of art, loving on each and every soul I meet. I just love serving in one fashion more than I even love gymnastics. Which surprised me.

I thought that I would love gymnastics more…I wasn’t sure that after I came back that I wouldn’t want to be “Coach” again. But, I know that I can always coach, and I know that there will always be boys to leave. There will always be suffering. Of course there are parts to enjoy and there are parts that are well…a struggle to smile through. But the thing is I want to smile. I want to encounter life with a smile.

I want to encounter you with a smile. You deserve it. You have had a hard day, and I want to give you a hug. Or, you just were out, despite your wearying day, being the “peace” in you’re family, friends, or community. I want to love each and every person I possibly can. I’m doing my best to love on every boy and girl here. I am trying like you to love every man and woman and person and dog and animal—even cats. (Just kidding)

But, the road calls me.


I will answer.