There was no where to sit in the crowded coffee shop where you could have your own table. All the tables were taken up by the single serving clientele. Single serving tea bag, single serving cake, and a single serving table with a computer, latte, and a half eaten pickle. The whole room was taken up with people alone in their togetherness…or perhaps more appropriately together in their loneliness.

I asked a man, Larry, if I could join him. Rather than just allow me, he seemed delighted to share. That is really who he is, he is a kind man, the type of man who does share. The type that doesn’t make a fuss or a big deal about extending a courtesy to another. Rather, he made me feel as if he had been waiting for me arrive.

I noticed that on his Kindle he was reading a particle physics text, and from there are conversation sprouted. We talked about physics, quantum mechanics, brain chemistry, the nature of trust in humans, his profession (taxi cab driver), his extensive reading on every subject, and his appetite for taking the path less chosen and perhaps thought. Needless to say we had a great time.

I asked Larry if he wouldn’t mind if I drew him, his reply might give you a depiction of his humorous character, “It is a public face I gave away the copyright years ago. But, I don’t want it when you are done. I have to look at this mug every day in the mirror already.” But, Larry did like it and did take it in the end. He had me sign it to his granddaughter, and offered me his “living room” (i.e. the coffee shop) “anytime”. People are good and people are kind, the world is filled with Larry’s if we but only take the time.

Love, Art, & Peace to All.