“Every Superhero needs his own theme music.” – I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

Theme music would be nice, but support a support crew is what every person needs: hero, super, or mortal. Finding myself to be the latter, I am very very thankful for the kind people around me who seem to be as dedicated to serving the boys and the things that are important to me as I am.

Jane my landlord is so sweet. She makes sure that I’m not too cold, and brought down a space heater. She makes sure that the plants in the apartment are watered and she put my bike in the garage to get it out of the rain. She gave me rice, rice cooker, a toaster, tea kettle, and a refrigerator filled with food for me to use, should I need any of these amenities.

Susan has picked me up, dropped me off, fed me, baked cookies for me, and made brownies and got water for the boys. She has loaned me a sleeping bag, suitcase, and a camera. She has loaned me towels, bicycles, locks, inner tubes, given me soap and shampoo, bought me groceries, brought me tea, and taken me to museums. I have a few best friends- Dave, JC, Steve, & Clint, but I only have one female best friend, her name is Susan.

Candice is a buffer. She is like the aspirin you take to relieve the stress in your head. When the intensity of training for nationals threatens to rob many of us of our peace of mind, she gently and very softly reminds us of how peaceful it is to just walk a dog; “it is just gymnastics”. When I spent too long on a rotation, Candice came to me and instead of being abrasive or telling me to move, she said, “Can you help me with something?”

“Sure,” I said, “What is it?”

She smiled and said, “I need to get a coach off a station.”

“Who?” I said.

“Um…a boys coach.” That is the way Candice handles problems…peacefully and with humor.

It is said, it takes a village, but I like the idea that every person needs a support crew; in other words a pit crew. Thankfully, I have people dedicated to helping me and the boys achieve their goals, offering refreshment, and a change of tires. In evaluating my support crew and their countless value to me, I am left hoping that I return the favor…hopefully they feel I have.

Be the peace in your worlds my friends. Love, Art, & Peace to All.