It seems I could have run faster than it took to fly. It is easy to become upset, frustrated, or perhaps even angry when travel expectations do not meet with reality. As always, the hardest part of life is dealing with your own level of expectation. When I expect something to happen, and it doesn’t, it is a moment for me to reorganize my priorities and to use every event as a instance to love someone or create peace.

The 5 hour flight from San Francisco ended up taking 24. Being stuck on the plane, I decided to use my time to draw people and be peace, while others were loosing theirs. It seems that it is just a simple switch of the brain’s expectations. A change in desire really; wanting what you have, and letting go of what you don’t.

Once I made this switch, I found myself surrounded by wonderful people on every side. How lucky I was to be stuck on a plane with them. How lucky was I to be able to have that time to get to know them, love them, and hopefully give them peace.