It is an interesting thing about best friends, they love you despite yourself. All of my friends have taught me how to be a good friend…how to be a best friend, by being one to me. I have learned what it means to be compassionate, kind, loving, patient, all the things we describe love as from treasured people in my life. The best parts of life, I have learned from my best friends.

My friend JC taught me many things, but upmost he has taught me to be genuinely interested in others. He taught me how to never criticize or snap back, but laugh tough times off.

Dave taught me the true joy of what it is to have an adventure partner, and the humility of a friend that doesn’t ever judge.

Steve taught me the concepts of Aloha and all it various meanings, as well as the notion Ohana and Pono.

Susan taught me what unending service looks like.

Winnie taught me what being faithful looks like.

Clint taught me the value of deep thought.

My father the pleasure of knowledge.

My mother compassion for all creatures (except spiders and snakes). 🙂

Ryan, Mark, Glen, Billy, Freddie, Scott, Zeb, Garrick, Yosuke, Peter, Keith, Joey, Daniel, Calvin, Tim, David, Jimmy, George, Garry, Matt, Mike, Ray, Richard, Watt, Bill, Saeed, Scott, Andrew, Mark, Anton, Vince, Jed, Carlo, Ken, Leo, and many more are my brothers.

Terri, LaSchaunda, Debbie, Sarah, Debbie, Cris, Inez, Jodi, Chasity, Deb, Helen, Hillary, Liz, Rebecca, Wendy, Sonia, Andrea, Nilou, Betty-Kae, Katie, Mina, Marjon, Nedda, Nadia, Naseem, and many others are my sisters.

When you really stop to take stock of it, and write down all the wonderful friends you have had in your life, all the wonderful people that you met just happenstance…it is pretty wonderful. I met Dave in a class, Steve was my coach, JC at camp, and Clint was in youth group with me. You never know when you will meet your next best friend. He or she may be sitting next to you on a bus, a plane, or in your yoga class.

If we each practice being a best friend, we will teach others what it is.

If we each practice being a best friend, we will never lack for any.