What is the purpose of my life rolled into one phrase? If by some chance one thing that I have learned is important in the grand scheme of things, what is it? What was the most important moment? What has life taught me? If I could write my own epitaph, for generations to remember, what would it be? Something about me…or about us?

I’ve thought of that.

Shakespeare will always be quoted for what he has written. Funny though that we do not quote the man? We don’t have many quotes from him, the greatest wordsmith to ever live, and we have no phrase(s) to sum up his life.

But his plays say a lot about who he was. His art speaks to us about ourselves from beyond the grave. Yes, the entire world is a stage.

How do I, or most people, remember Martin Luther King Jr.? What phrase will we collectively remember him by? Obviously, “I HAVE A DREAM”. Come to think of it there aren’t many people in this world with whom we honor by saying his or her whole long name. (It is a lot of typing to write a name with four parts. As if when you say it or write it you are forced to remember him more. Remember that he tried to get us to love.

What will generations to come remember about Gandhi??? So many things……….where do you begin?

Mother Teresa………..????

When you die what will people remember you for? Not out of vanity, but wouldn’t be nice to know that your life’s work has been the cause of love, little or small. The most worthwhile thing you have done in your life continues to produce fruit beyond your passing.

The only thing I want to be remembered for is:


If that isn’t what you remember from me, then I am really really sorry. Please allow me to make it up to you. I really do love you. Please forgive me, and I forgive you to.

As I prepare to depart San Francisco, it is somewhat with a sad heart. After all I’ve learned while on the road about how to be peace, to be kind, to be compassionate, and to be patient, generous…loving. All that I have written about the need to and wonders of loving others. I haven’t been perfect. I am a hypocrite.

I was impatient once or twice. I was arrogant. Frustrated. I even told a lie…as well as a half-truth. Coming back to a place and a group of people that knew me as something other than “Peace”, I knew that many people here would want to see if I could create peace. It was a test to see if I was peaceful, kind, and better. Did the way I live match my words? Or was I just another hypocrite. I did pretty well…but I am fallible.

It doesn’t mean that the message wasn’t any less valid. It is indeed still love. And although I’m not perfect and I make mistakes…I’m trying to be the best person I can. I am trying to love as often as I think of it. I’m trying to love my neighbor as myself…really.

So, if I might indulge. If, but by pure chance you remember two things that I might say, I would say this: Try love yourself.

Try being loving or compassionate to someone. Try saying you’re sorry and really mean it…and better yet don’t do it again if you can possibly…you will try love next time.

You have a choice you know. You can choose love. You only have to try it once to get it. When someone does something mean or spiteful, hateful, vengeful, rude, selfish, or perhaps drops an errant hurtful word. Try being love instead.

You CAN be the love…instead of not. It is a choice.

That is what enlightenment is. Realizing you have had a choice all along, and continuing to love anyway. How freeing. You aren’t condemned; the nature of the universe is Love. When you get in line with love how could it not be good? Then once you realize that you have a choice, continue to choose love.

We have chosen between right and wrong all of our lives. WE have each been what didn’t think we were. WE have crossed even our own line a couple of times. WE have done things that we condemned others for. WE have been the wrong in the world. I may not have polluted an inland stream, but I’ve littered. I may have not been a this or that. But I’ve done the same thing on a smaller scale.

I’ve been like Metta World Peace. I have changed my name, and then not lived up to the standard I hoped to emulate.

The wonderful part is that I have been the opposite too. I’ve been good boy, and so have you.

I’ve literally helped old ladies across the street. I’ve given the only money I possessed in the world to a man that needed gas money. I’ve said I’m sorry, and I have forgiven others. I’m just like you, I have loved a lot of people and I have been kind.

But the magic is that they loved me too. Expecting people to be the best that they can possibly be is the quickest way to seeing those expectations fulfilled.

But the trick is being expectant of their goodness, and be compassionate when they aren’t anyway. I believe all people are good, but we just sometimes act out of something besides love.

The proverbial choice made in the Garden of Eden was self vs. selfless. Love vs. Not. Which is better then? Everyone’s life speaks the answer. What is better than love?

If we choose love we are in paradise.

If we choose love we return to the Garden of Eden.

If we all choose love together, we will have peace. We will have heaven on earth. It will be fun.

People always say, “God is Love”. Turn the equation around. The grand unified theory of the universe is:

“Love is God.”

So if you want to remember something, don’t remember me. But remember, what we’ve all learned.

  1. “Love, try it.” (Not a command but a request)
  2. “It’ll be fun.” (Expecting the best of each situation and person)
  3. “You have a choice.” (The most empowering and liberating concept)
  4. “The Paired wings of the Dove of Peace are compassion and emptiness of expectation.”
  5. “Love is God.”