We are the voice of those calling in the wilderness. We are the ones surviving on locusts and honey, peanut butter and jelly, and dandelion greens. We are the people going to where people congregate…and to talk. We are looking for you to be the messiah. We all can be. We all can be a savior to someone else in need. It seems a bit overwhelming, but rather than thinking about helping EVERYONE, let us begin by helping the next one in our path.

Scaughdt whom I’ve written about before has been walking for awhile as a pilgrim of peace, as has Mia, and Mony. We all, in ways, were inspired the same people: The Peace Pilgrim, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Thomas Merton, William Penn, the Dalai Lama, etc.  We pilgrims are multiplying, we are just like you, we are people that believe we can do things differently, and try to put that into practice. We are people just like you that have put our foot down, and sometimes repeatedly by walking, for peace by becoming pilgrims.

Mia has walked the Santiago pilgrimage before, and she will return in June to walk the length of Europe. She was just like you, a mother with a husband. Then her husband began to suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Mia cared for him for 2 years till he passed. While doing this she got her kids through school and into adulthood, and tremendous act in itself. As a mother, to care for other’s needs, as such she adopted the world as her next project. An ardent believer in Jesus, she now chooses to use that same compassion and care toward all man kind. Pretty amazing really.

On her site she says, “I am a pilgrim who is walking across countries with other seekers from all over the world. I am fulfilling the dream and vision that have been in my heart, and I have spoken of for many years. NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.- Welcome to a glimpse of the journey….”


Other pilgrims whom I’ve only recently become aware are Mony and Alberto who walked for peace to Jerusalem and wrote a book about their experiences. Alberto also does paintings. An excerpt from their site:

Walking For Peace

“I begin this picture story where it ended: Jerusalem. Alberto (from the sun-drenched lands of Andalucía, Spain) and I (a Canadian-born Lebanese woman) had just walked 5000 kilometers through 13 countries – for peace. Because we believe that peace in the world begins with peace within. It had taken us 13 grueling months, along a path more mystical than physical called the Way of the Soul, a path we are ultimately all walking. I invite you to join us. I will post new pictures and stories every few days.”

A peace walk or peace march, sometimes referred to as a peace pilgrimage, is a form of nonviolent action where a person or groups of people march a set distance to raise awareness of what is most important to us as a species…namely love. The SingPeace people are doing what they can by singing for love.

Sing Peace

You have the power to be the one we all say thanks to. Be the peace in your own way. Be the guy or gal that helps one or helps us all. You are the one we all need, as am I, Scaughdt, Mia, Mony, Albert, Pushkara, Fred, Gail, Jim, Tim, Mike, Sally, Ethel, Candy, Sarah, Tom, Dave, Hank, Lois, Rebecca, and everyone else.

We need to be the peace we wish to see.