Two wrongs may not make a right, but four Wongs do. Allan Wong is a dentist and oral surgeon. He left his extremely successful practice because he felt that spending time with his family was more important than any other occupation. He also saw an opportunity to teach at a dental college where he might educate young dentists in patience, compassion, and kindness in addition to dental techniques. He sought to teach them how to love their patients.

Dentists have a particularly difficult job. Like police, most people fear them and don’t look forward to their routine cleaning. There are many dentists that brow beat their patients with lectures detailing how they are failing at properly maintaining their teeth.  Many don’t want to serve the global community, but rather they are seduced by the perceived comfort of their profession. Allan lives, practices, and teaches a different way.

He realizes that his students don’t do poorly on purpose, but they struggle as we all do. He is patient with them. As such they learn to be patient with their patients. He also shows them how they can serve the larger purpose of helping all people keep their teeth, and correcting problems while they can. Allan volunteers with Alliance For Smiles. With them he has traveled to Fiji, Cambodia, and domestically in order to help people who have Cleft Lips and Palates.

He also helps parents with Autistic and other special needs patients receive dental car. Those with autism are extremely or hyper sensitive to stimulation. The dentist’s chair is overload for most, and the needles, scrapers, and drills of the office present a challenge for most special needs people to receive adequate medical and dental care. By teaching and leading through example, Allan has helped many overcome these difficulties.

His wife Karen is the kind of person that is constantly helping. She and Allan helped with cub and boys scouts, PTA, bake sales, fundraising, and everything else you could imagine. She also teaches science at several schools, and integrates the curriculum, community partners, and gardeners to teach the children about stewardship and the practical application of chemistry, biology, and nutrition. She does this be involving the community in teaching the children how to grow their own food directly on the school grounds.

Robert their son is a gifted athlete and musician. As a gymnast he was a two time state champion, and as a self taught musician, he blew my socks off. But despite these accomplishments, it is their family dynamics that impresses me most. Most big brothers pick on the little one, but Jonathan looks after, cares for and entertains his little brother. They love to be with each other, enjoy each other, and play with each other. I have learned from their families examples and am happy to say there are people like them in my life and the world. Yet another example of ordinary people being extraordinary.