I need to take a little time; I need a little time to think and talk things over. It’s better that way. Better than expecting people to read between the lines.

The road lies before me. The summer promises to be hot and humid, 95 degrees and 80% humidity. The path I’ve chosen is like a mountain I must climb…an Everest of sorts. And yet it isn’t just my road, it is ours. I feel like the world is upon my shoulders. Some would say I am taking on too much. Perhaps it is because collectively we have taken on so little.

And yet despite this, I see the love of people shining all round me. It is as if while climbing this mountain, occasionally I break through the clouds, and I see the warmth of love glowing all about me. It keeps me warm as I grow older.

All of us have been through heartache and pain; all of us have tasted life’s bitter disappointments. Sometimes we find ourselves upon our knees asking, “I don’t know if I can face it again?” And yes, I find myself asking do I want to be on the road again? The logical part says I can stop now; I’ve traveled so far. And yet, what have I really done, what have I really accomplished? Perhaps nothing, but together we have created something. This is my purpose, to use this one solitary life I have. To find myself at the end of this life proud of what I have done. Not to wait to love others, but to do it now. To do it when it is hard. To realize I have changed this ordinary and lonely life into something bigger and to daily try to live to love on one another.

I have come to know what love is…you have shown it to me.

I want to show you what love is…I want to share all I’ve learned and all that you have all shown me. We don’t have to live our lives in fear. We don’t have to die lonely.

I’ve got nowhere left to hide; I’ve put my weaknesses and my strengths on the internet. My private has become public so that if I succeed, others will realize that they too can be the love in their community. I realize too that I am bound to fail occasionally. Gandhi did. But the shear weight of good choices far and outweighs the occasional bad one. Love like all men deserve a place atop a pedestal, but judge as if it were you astride the same exact column.

So what then do we do with our collective heartache and pain? How can we stand to face those who have wronged us, hurt us, and abused us and love them anyway? The only way I’ve found to make it something I want to do willingly is to recognize that the divine dwells within others too. “I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together.”

I know what love is. You have shown it to me. Allow me to show it to you.

You can look to astrology and astronomy in search of the answers. You can look for a God or a Goddess. You can “Seek out new life and new civilizations” on distant planets. You can attempt to, “Go, where no man has gone before.”

You may have your faith in an “ever after”, or see the karmic cycle in everything you do. But deep within all people the map has been there all along. Each of us holds inside us the chart that unlocks the mysteries to the labyrinth of life. Love is what makes heaven here on earth.

We are part spirit. We are partly a carbon bio-body-suit. We are the collective conscience of a planet in which all things function not as parts, but in solidarity. Understanding, that we are parts within a greater whole. No one had to teach us, but we create the pain and the suffering in this world through our selfishness. The caveat is that we also manifest the beauty in this world through selflessness. Our feelings of insecurity blind us to our biggest oversight, namely, that if we choose, we can accomplish heaven here on earth.

Have faith in what you will, but also have faith in humankind. Walk gently on the planet, and show respect for what is temporal, fragile, and earthly. It is in the very nature of that respect that we make manifest our belief in peace, compassion, kindness, understanding, patience, and love.

As I have walked this country, I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people leading ordinary lives, but I have come to understand that we are ALL extraordinary. WE are filled with love. WE are filled with compassion. WE are filled with forgiveness. WE have sacrificed so that others may benefit. We have all loved when not loved back. This is the nature of peace. This is what it means to live heaven in your heart.

So look around you. Believe that the good resides in everything that you see. Believe that good resides in every person you see. Don’t wish it was there, but believe it is so…and act accordingly. God’s “Chosen People” are all about you, and the “Promised Land” is at your feet. We can see our dreams come true. We can and will become what we aspire to be when we seek to serve.

Have faith in humankind, and act accordingly.

I’ve been in your town. I’ve walked in your forest. I’ve eaten at your tables and slept in your beds. And when I look into your eyes, I see all the love. Love that IS there. Love that is just sleeping. I’ve said it time and again. If we just sweep our own floor, the whole world would be clean. Do what it easy for you, but do it unflinchingly…even when it hurts. Look at the floor of your world, your country, your land, your and community. It is badly in need of sweeping.

I don’t know why nobody told you. I bet they didn’t know themselves. I certainly didn’t. Or at least I was too afraid to try. Perhaps that is what some want? If others act out in love, then maybe it means they should as well…scary.

We have all bought and purchased the lie however. We traded our hearts for wooden nickels. We have given into fear.

I look at the troubles in the world and I see all the wars raging. What is the alternative to doing something about it? Doing nothing but ageing? “The problems we have sown, are the troubles we are reaping.” The stage has been set, the lights are up, and help is needed.

Well…what are you gonna do about it?